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Counselling Delivered Personally by Carole Spiers

Camera ShootOver many years, Carole has confidentially, counselled and coached many high profile individuals, including celebrities, sports personalities, musicians, entertainers, actors, models and Members of Parliament.

The price of fame can be very high and can take its toll on those who have to deal, daily, with the media. Family life can be disrupted and whilst there are those who want to maintain some privacy they often cannot because celebrity or VIP status means that they have become public property!

Sometimes fame comes to people when they least expect it. In these cases, the often unwanted publicity has to be managed with great care to avoid stress and anxiety.

Carole fully understands a client's need for confidentiality, trust and discretion and offers to VIP clients a unique round-the-clock service to select individuals.

Celebrity Stress and Anxiety

The types of problems that they have shared with Carole are the challenges of:Gunman

  • Avoiding alcohol and drug abuse
  • Publicity, paparazzi and the press
  • Adjusting your lifestyle to VIP status
  • Touring and living away from home
  • The loneliness of being off-stage
  • Managing panic attacks
  • Maintaining a work-life balance
  • Remote parenting whilst abroad
  • High personal expectations
  • Stress of being away from the family
  • High audience expectations
  • Adrenalin burnout

It takes a mature experience to fully appreciate, and to manage, the specific stressors that are endemic when in the public eye for any length of time.

Carole is that person! She builds a special relationship of trust and confidence and can be there for you when you need her 24/7!


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As a Publicist or Agent, you can contact Carole in complete confidence and find out how she can help your client. As a celebrity or VIP representative, you can contact Carole directly by email on or call 020 8954 1593.

'I can only say that I was at 'rock bottom' when my agent fortunately was introduced to Carole. She gave me the support and guidance that I needed at
that critical time and I could not have completed the film I was working on had
it not been for her professional help . She is one amazing woman and a
credit to her profession. She is the real star here!'

Helen B. Actress. London W1

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PSA - Immediate past President London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association UK


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