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Testimonials for Motivational Speaker Carole Spiers

Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

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Carole The Motivational Speaker

"Carole has been a Motivational Speaker at various conferences that I have organized and the feed back on her presentations have always been full of praise, not only for her advice and guidance but for the very high quality of delivery. Carole holds the attention of audience a 100% plus with her energetic and professional presentations. She is a great inspirational speaker and is dedicated to helping people at all levels achieve their goals."
Sheila Pantry OBE, Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd, Sheffield UK

"Her energy, determination and commitment to both doing the right things, and doing things right are an inspiration. Carole's focus on people, and people issues, make her a role model for us all. Her keynote 'Change is an opportunity' has left us with a positive message and the inspiration to move forward. Thank you so very much for your invaluable contribution. We now have the tools to do the job"
Mark Stagg, Head of Human Resource Development, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

"Carole had so much energy and enthusiasm, her spirit lifted the darkest corners of the conference venue.

"Carole was inspirational. The energy and enthusiasm during her presentation was quite unique and helped to highlight the way forward with the challenges we face. The raw energy that fizzed off from her was enough to hold the attention of every delegate."
Mike Derrick, Chair, East Sussex Brighton & Hove Registered Care Homes Association

"Carole was a most inspirational speaker who captivated the audience and encouraged everybody to take action and articulate their 'Must' list. The feedback from all attendees has been positive and full of praise."
Annick Devillard, Director, The Rooster Ltd and Chair Esporta Riverside Business Club

"As Managers we all know what we should be doing but we often fail to put our intentions into practice. You have given me the motivational energy to start."
Parminder Garcher, Partnership Manager, Learning and Skills Council

"The presentation has been extremely useful to both staff and managers alike. Feedback from delegates has without exception been very positive. It has helped to build relationships and open communications throughout the team, and I feel sure I have a more equipped team as a result."
Richard Farrer, AXA-Insurance

"Carole's presentation on assertiveness was a wonderful introduction to the subject of assertiveness. She is a passionate and energetic presenter who knows how to get her message across in a lively and succinct manner. Carole knows how to captivate an audience, and her techniques were very well received."
Junior Chamber International - London

"Carole gave an evening's presentation for Keeping It Simple Training in September called 'Turn Your Passion Into Profit!'. A dynamic and entertaining presenter, Carole kept the audience enthralled from the very first minute. Her advice on the essential principles needed to enable you to match your passion with an effective strategy to get that business effectively promoted was spot on. Carole presented her subject with much knowledge, passion and humour. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive. Thank you for a great, and extremely motivating, presentation!"
Andrew Ludlam, Enterprise Development Manager, Keeping It Simple Training Ltd

"Carole Spiers is a human dynamo. In field after field, she trains and leads by example. Any organization that comes to Carole to learn will be amazed at the depth of her understanding, her keen intelligence and wise advice. Whatever endeavour you take to Carole will grow and flourish as a result of the meeting. Gusty, charming, determined, reliable, honest and helpful are a few of the positive values you will meet when you come to Carole. I would recommend anyone to read her books, watch her interview skills on her website and watch her DVDs. The London chapter of the Professional Speakers Association is going from strength to strength under her powerful leadership. I would recommend working with Carole in too many fields to list here.
Fergus McClelland - vocal impact trainer and public speaker

"Carole Spiers made a tremendous impact on our Malaysian audience, comprising mainly of professional speakers. She spoke from her heart, with passion and conviction. She has certainly made a positive difference to my life personally."
Yew Kam Keong, Ph.D (Dr.YKK), International speaker and best-selling author on creativity

"Carole Spiers went to great lengths to prepare for her incredibly well-received presentation to members and friends of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS).

If you desperately need ideas that will help you market and promote yourself more effectively, Carole's material and her own live presentations are just what the doctor ordered! She knows about business; she understands the absolute fundamental role of generating sales for long-term economic survival; and she emanates an aura of professionalism that is truly impressive."
Rajen Devadason CFP, Vice-President (Education and Training) MAPS 2004-2006, CEO RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd

"Carole delivered an insightful presentation for a women's networking event run in our UK-Sub-Division. The topic was 'How to be successful at managing your stress' - relating to both home and work. Each participant was able to walk away with some immediate actions points. As one delegate put it 'the session provided us with valuable lessons."
Stefanie Pieper, T & TS Programme Management, Accenture

"You have my greatest admiration as an outstanding speaker … you set a standard for us all …"
Tony Grey

"Uplifting and inspiring. We could all do with a regular shot of passion from Carole Spiers …!"
erek Williams, Inspirationalist and Creator of the WOW Awards

"Carole has a clear articulate style of presentation which wholly engages the listener."
Helen Sheehy, Managing Director, Gate Gourmet

"Thank you for the excellent and well received presentation at the IoD HR Directors Forum."
Vassos Vassilou, Production Manager, IoD Forums

"I know that your polished and informative thought-provoking presentation was the result of considerable effort in research and preparation and I am very grateful for your commitment."
Ian R Fielder, CEO, BIFM

"I write to congratulate you on your successful presentation at the Business Connection Networking event.

Your seminar on Stress Management was very inspiring and useful to me. I found it beneficial because it has provoked preemptive actions on some projects. I look forward to listening to the seminar recording again and again.

Carole you are a valuable asset to our community. I would recommend your services to our clients and youth groups.
Olutimi Oloruntoba, CEO, Active Computer Clean Ltd

"I learned a great deal in that one evening about Stress Management and have been able to pass on valuable advice to colleagues within work. As a direct result, our company has now implemented a 'Stress Policy', whereby we hold a meeting every week to discuss aspects of our work and any possible problems we are having. Consequently, our work rate has improved and a better rapport within the office is evident.

When anybody asks me for a recommendation of a person to contact regarding Stress Management, I always refer them to your website. I tell them to watch out for when you are giving a Seminar in the region and encourage them to attend at all costs.

In summing up, the only thing I can say about the Seminar at Wakefield is that, in my opinion you and your group gave an extremely successful demonstration with sound advice.
Kevin Gaines (AMinstLM), ICT Support Worker, Edlington Community

"Thank you for your most interesting and enjoyable presentation at our conference last Thursday. Your contribution helped to make the day a great success, feedback has been very positive which we are all very pleased about.

Thank you again for generously giving of your time to support the RCN Welsh Occupational Health Forum."
Lyda Mulqueen, Caxton Facilities Management

"Carole Spiers trained our senior management team in stress-management. Her powerful presentations of this vital skill area ensure that we benefited greatly and her expertise in communicating her knowledge indicated to us the skills we need to manage ourselves and others correctly. There is no doubt that Carole brings her subject to life and we will certainly put the techniques we learnt from her into everyday working practice. "
Mavis Dulieu, H.R. Adiministrator, Thames Power Services

"Carole Spiers has spoken on stress to several of our Academy groups and they found her to be a powerful speaker and very knowledgeable on her subject. We expect our CEO members to be far more aware of the cause and effect of stress following her keynote presentations."
Brian Chernett, Executive Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives

"As a trainer and presenter Carole has always had a direct, professional and easy to understand approach taking into account the needs of the business when necessary. Brinks would have no hesitation in recommending her services to any prospective client."
Margaret McCloskey, Personnel Manager, Brinks Ltd

"Thank you for your presentation at our recent stress management conference. The day proved to be the perfect forum for bringing this very important subject to the attention of senior management within the group. Your presentation was very well received and judging by the positive feedback from the day, you certainly stimulated thinking and challenged current attitudes to stress management."
Ian Goodliffe, Group HR Director, OCS Group Ltd

"Carole Spiers is a very knowledgeable and dynamic speaker. During her presentation at the 2001 ISMA-BR Congress in Porto Alegre, Brazil she really captured the delegate's attention with her vibrant presentation style."
Ana Maria Rossi, Director, ISMA Brazil

"I would like to thank you very much for all help in opening our HSE European Week for Safety and Health at Work. I received notification in on Friday to announce Hunterstone have been chosen to receive a Regional Award. As you can imagine, I am delighted and wanted to express my thanks, as I am sure your contribution was the icing on the cake."
Alyson Russell Stevenson, Communications Manager, BNFL Environmental Services

"Many, many thanks for your support of the UK National Information Network meeting of the European Agency at the NEC, Birmingham on 14th May. Thank you for your energetic and informative presentation which was absolutely right for the audience and occasion. We are really grateful that you were able to join us to find time in your busy schedule."
Peter Rimmer, Director of Information, Health and Safety Executive

Carole The Conference Chair

"Very engaging and energetic … lively and knowledgeable"
Very professional … eloquent and factual"
"Very personable, like the 'learning points' Carole made after each speaker"
IRS conferences

"Carole Spiers has contributed to a number of conferences for HR professionals; both in a chair person role and as an expert speaker.

She has a vast knowledge of how to identify, understand and manage stress in an organisational setting and her charismatic and engaging speaking style has proved to be very popular with delegates."
Steven Stanbury, Director, Symposium Events

Emergency Services Health & Safety Conference
Just a short letter to express our sincere thanks for all your help with the Conference. The whole team at Packfords & Young were delighted that you were able to Chair the first ever Emergency Services Health & Safety Conference.

Your Chairmanship produced excellent direction and summary to the individual presentations! Your own presentation on managing work related stress was outstanding and a highlight to many of the delegates attending.

It was an experience to work with someone with such boundless energy and a strong eye for detail. We hope you will be able to Chair the Conference again next year, and look forward to working with you on that and other projects in the near future.

Many thanks, Yours sincerely,
Laurence Young, Director, Packfords & Young Ltd.

Carole The Commentator / Spokesperson

"Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help today - you were fab and we got some great results."
Claire Doherty, Cow Communications

Carole The Chair Of The Charity The International Stress Management Association

"… as a founder of ISMA-UK and past Chairman of the Board of Directors and Life Vice-President of the Association, as well as founder of the UK branch, I want to thank you for all the hard work and enthusiasm you have put into furthering and prospering the UK branch."
Joe McDonald Wallace

"… you have been an outstanding Chair and I am glad to hear that you will stay as Vice President."
Prof. Cary Cooper

"… it is a great shame for the rest of us that you will stand down, your work and the great lengths you have gone to ensure that stress is handled well and understood accurately are admirable."
Dr Andrew Auty

"… you have done a great job. Many, many thanks."
Prof. Stephen Palmer

Carole The Writer

Tolley's Managing Stress in the Workplace
"An excellent book, on an area which is of increasing concern to employers and employees alike. It combines good technical material with many practical examples, which differentiates it from most other books on the subject. Highly recommended to all professionals and those who have a passing involvement in stress management. The breadth of interest in the topic was amply demonstrated when I last visited the British Library, where the security official in the Social Science reading room keenly recorded details of the text! "
Graham Williams, Director, Intralex Ltd

"Carole Spiers is recognised as a leading authority on the issues pertaining to stress at work and is a regular contributor to Occupational Health, the monthly publication aimed at occupational health managers, advisers, nurses and physicians on the subject. The publication frequently contacts Carole for her comments on the latest reports and news stories pertaining to stress at work and regularly publishes articles written by Carole on stress-related issues. "
Sarah Bean, Editor, Occupational Health

"Carole Spiers is a regular contributor to Stress News, the quarterly Journal of the International Stress Management Association (ISMA-UK). Her articles are always welcomed for their sound factual basis and use of the latest research. In addition Carole's articles are written in an accessible manner that appeals to academics and lay-people alike."
Gladeana McMahan, Editor, Stress News

"Carole Spiers has helped readers of The Legal Executive to a greater understanding of some of the issues that law firms rarely have the time to talk about - stress, ageism, workplace bullying and the terrors of being made redundant. Carole writes about difficult subject and handles them with care. As Carole points out, the underlying stressors can break a corporate reputation and an individual's health and well-being. Everybody should understand more about this."
James Schofield, Editor, Legal Executive

Carole The Speaker Coach

"Carole's remarkable insight, experience and expertise has transformed my marketing approach and enabled me to focus clearly on achieving my goals as a successful speaker."
Chris Roycroft-Davis, Motivational Speaker, Media Expert, Author and Broadcaster

Carole The Counsellor

"Following a stress-related breakdown, I approached Carole three years ago for counselling. I chose her because the Internet informed me that she was a specialist in stress management and because her practice was local to my home. It was my good fortune to have found her in this way, because she has been hugely instrumental in my recovery. Initially I was very reclusive and had become frightened of the world. My coping skills had gone and Carole helped me regain them bit by bit using a variety of methods including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and gradual exposure to situations to expand my "comfort zones" ie what I could comfortably deal with.

I was particularly impressed by Carole's perception and ability to analyse the situation - as a professional myself I appreciated the feeling that we were working together to regain my skills. At the same time, she was great in lifting my spirits when depression settled and I thought I would never get better; she constantly reminded me of the progress I had made.

I have now reached the stage where I am considering retraining for a new career and I no longer need counselling, as Carole has given me skills to cope with life. I continue however to use her as a life coach to help me decide the path I shall take in the future, and I value her advice highly in this respect. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone going through stress burnout."
Chris G.

Carole The Trainer

"Excellent workshop from Carole Spiers and vital for those who want their organisations to become less stressful and practice 'Healthy workplace culture'."
Ministry of Health, Malaysia

"Carole is a dynamic, knowledgeable and presents her subject with passion and humour. The environment she creates always feels safe allowing as much participation in the practical exercises as each person wishes. Although Carole is one of the best teachers I have had, she is not a full cup and listens and learns too."
Ian Harper, Senior Research Officer, Quest International

"It was as a result of good professional training in Counselling Skills and Managing people effectively over the last 8 years from a very experienced Carole Spiers that the Listening Ears Group at Quest International was formed 4 years ago.

The on-going twice yearly training sessions in Counselling Skills have made a vast difference to our individual skills within the group enabling us to be a major benefit to our site.

Having Carole's invaluable support has helped us achieve success within our business, and it is very reassuring to know that we have the best advice and assistance on hand at all times to help us support our colleagues with the many difficult and varied issues they bring to the Listening Ears Group.

We have enormous pride in what we have achieved in the past 4 years as a group within our business and great confidence and gratitude that we have achieved this with the guidance of Carole Spiers."
Anne Cooper, Listening Ears Group, Quest International

"Carole Spiers trained our senior management team in stress management. Her powerful presentations of this vital skills base ensured that we benefited greatly and her expertise in communicating her knowledge indicated to us the skills we need to manage ourselves and others correctly. There is no doubt that Carole brings her subject to life and we will certainly put the techniques from her into everyday working practice."
Mavis Dulieu, HR Administrator, Thames Power Services

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