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Performance Coaching and Mentoring for Successful Public Speaking

Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Carole Spiers

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Improve your public speaking skills for that all important business presentation
or job interview

'I would rather die than stand up in front of an audience'
'I have to present to the senior board and am worried that I am going to dry up'!
'I have to deliver in front of a recruitment panel for a job that I really want'

If any of the above sounds familiar then Carole Spiers can help you!

Her one to one public speaking programme will help you overcome your nerves and ensure you connect with your audience so that you deliver a memorable presentation.

Presentation Skills training

Whether you have to deliver a business presentation to an important audience or have to stand-up on platform in a packed conference-hall, you'll need public speaking skills to deliver a polished performance every time.

You know that all eyes will be on your public speaking skills and Carole will take you from being fearful to confident in a way that you never imagined was possible.

Give a Presentation That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd!

Carole has been responsible for significant and measurable improvements in the public speaking performance of her clients both in the UK and abroad in UAE and her experience as an international, motivational speaker and BBC Guest-broadcaster is available to you

The Elusive Art of Public Speaking

A goldmine of tips and tricks about the art of public speaking and platform dynamics can be learned through Carole's one to one mentoring programme. Upon completion of the programme, you will be confident to deliver a business presentation or present with charisma from the platform.

"As a CEO of a multi-national company, Carole taught me key public speaking skills and platform dynamics through her one to one mentoring programme. She showed me how to use techniques that allowed inspiration and passion to shine through my delivery and as a by-product, she helped me with my interpersonal skills. I recommend her to anyone who wants to influence a boardroom decision." John Stewart, CEO

Check Out 2 ways You Can Benefit from Carole's Specialist Public Speaking Expertise, Now!

1. One-to-one Public Speaking Coaching and Mentoring
the solution for all occasions, because:

    Public Speaking Coaching
  • CEO's need to inspire and motivate their top teams.
  • Ambitious managers need to secure that job promotion
  • Entrepreneurs need to convince their audience and get buy-in to their product or service.

This is a tailor-made, executive coaching service - identifying individual strengths and weaknesses in order to raise public speaking skills to a new level - perhaps making the difference between success and failure in crucial business presentations.

Carole concentrates on your speaking skills to the exclusion of all else.  Whatever it is that impacts on your ability to speak in public, she can attend to each aspect, and train you to deliver confident business presentations that carry conviction.

The Key Results from Carole’s Coaching and Mentoring include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Delivering with impact and presence
  • Ability to engage with your audience
  • Being memorable

Carole ensures that you are as professional in your public speaking skills as you are in every other aspect of your business life.

Whichever Delivery Suits You Best

  • Face to face
    Focused coaching and mentoring programme - intensive or year-round
  • By phone
    Same in-depth dialogue - conveniently accessed by prior appointment
  • By email
    Efficient downloadable coaching and mentoring dialogue to action in your own time

2. Effective Public Speaking Skills – Group Training for Top Teams

Presentation Skills training
Learning public speaking is no different from any other business skill.  The vast subject of presentation skills training can be split-up into any number of sub-topics including formal stagecraft, fear of audiences, technical accessories, exploiting the venue, staying in command etc.

Carole will customise public speaking skills training to all levels of staff from trainees up to boardroom level.


Encouraging the Public Speaking Agenda in the Middle East

Glass Tower Block
As past President of the London Chapter of the Professional Speaking Association [PSA 2006 - 2008], Carole delivers sought-after, public-speaking Masterclasses and Coaching programmes to female executives throughout the Middle East who wish to make their voices heard in order to take their place alongside male counterparts in the boardrooms and management committees in industry, commerce and public service organisations.

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Your First Step - FREE Strategy Consultation

Contact Carole to find out how you can become a more persuasive and inspirational public speaker. For more details about her Women's Public Speaking Masterclass programmes in Dubai. Call +44 (0)20 8954 1593 or

Carole Spiers Group

PSA - Immediate past President London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association UK


ISMA - International Stress Management Association

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