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'Help Me Write a Book!' is what Author Carole Spiers' Clients Frequently Ask …

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Stress in the City Blog

Many Healthcare Professionals, just like me, have a book they have been thinking about writing for maybe a year or more but have just not got around to 'putting pen to paper'.

So stop here and now and think about why your 'writing a book' project has just not got off the ground?

  • Maybe you haven't started with a strong enough idea...
  • Maybe your prose style isn't readable enough ...
  • Maybe you're uncertain whether there is a market ...
  • Maybe you've had a rejection from a publisher before ...
  • Maybe you can't force yourself to devote the necessary time ...

Whichever it is, you may well need my professional help in dealing with your particular obstacle. "Help me write a book!" is a common cry from would-be book writers especially amongst healthcare professionals, many of whom have a wealth of knowledge to impart.

The secret is to launch yourself on a systematic work programme and working alongside someone who has successfully negotiated the authorship process. (Writing a book really has just a lot to do with just making a start on that first page or chapter!)

'Help Me Write a Book' Secrets

Writing about what you know best and that for which you have a passion is the secret that creates the best books. Write it, and you will occupy an important niche, for life, because being an author confers upon you a very special accolade. With our specialist expertise in the field of healthcare, you can acquire that niche and write a book that will stand the test of time.

Earn credibility


There's nothing like publishing a book, to assert your professional authority and raise your profile.

Earn kudos

Suddenly you're not just a name, you're a brand - in constant demand on the speaking-circuit, quality press, radio and TV.

Earn money!

Before long, that book will be selling itself - required reading for professionals and laymen alike.

How to Write a Book

Carole Spiers is a successful author herself. She can deliver practical and proven ways to help you write and publish that book, thereby setting you on the road to being a successful author.

You may need any, or all, of the following services from Carole:

chapter one

1. Evaluating Your idea - and you don't pay a thing!

Publishing a book starts with a strong idea - so let's see it and we will assess the viability of your book structure – with no cost to you!

It might be a full or partial first draft with which you were originally dissatisfied. Or it might be an outline concept or synopsis on which you wanted a second opinion.

Either way, if we think it's viable, we would quote you for our part in generating an edited manuscript. If we don't, you owe us nothing anyway!

Coaching and Mentoring

The hold-up could be psychological.

Writing books is susceptible to interruptions at home… loss of enthusiasm… mental fatigue… writer's block.

Writing a book demands great determination and persistence, to keep up the momentum through long days of solo effort.

Carole is an experienced and successful coach who will work with you to overcome the barriers that you see stopping you from being a successful author.

2. Copy Editing and Proof Reading

Our editorial input can range from simple proofreading right up to a complete review of your whole book theme and chapter-sequence.

Success in publishing your book rests on attention to detail.

We'll quote you on the level of involvement that we think you need for writing a book. It may just be minor improvements in grammar and syntax. Or it may be a major stylistic redraft that could make the whole difference between a book that holds the attention and one that doesn't.

3. Marketing

Converting that manuscript into a bound volume that's going to sell is the vital other half of the package.

First - Branding the product. Strong title, suitable illustrations, eye-catching book-jacket.

Next - Actually getting it published by a reputable publisher or taking the self- publish route and into the booksellers. (Or online, for ebooks).

Finally - promoting it, through press releases, websites, and personal appearances.

The Big 5 Excuses for not Writing a Book

book contents
  • No time!
  • Carole will keep you on track and motivate you when the words run dry
  • No talent!
  • Let Carole apply the relevant creativity, in concept or in detail
  • No drive!
  • Personal coaching is Carole Spiers' speciality
  • No contacts!
  • We'll assemble the right publishing team to support you throughout the publishing process
  • No market!
  • Reaching new markets is all part of the day's work with us

So - there goes your last excuse for not contacting Carole Spiers about how to get a book published!


Your Next Step – Get Your 'FREE 15'

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That's 15 minutes to brainstorm with best-selling Author, Carole Spiers to find out how you can turn your dream of writing a book become your reality!

You'll be glad you decided to ask "Help me write a book".

Contact Carole now. Email: + 44 (0) 20 8954 1593

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