Carole's Gateway to South Africa

Carole is proud to work alongside the Dreamcatcher Foundation of South Africa whose agenda for the past 25 years has been to encourage entrepreneurship in the townships; build stronger communities and ease unemployment.

The Foundation provides opportunities for individuals to gain confidence in self-improvement, to increase living standards and the quality of life thereby leading to a future in which communities can thrive. She has been an enthusiastic associate of the Foundation since 2005 and has worked to motivate and inspire local entrepreneurs by providing basic marketing skills for those wishing to develop their own micro-businesses in 
South Africa’s Western Cape.

As an international Motivational Speaker, Carole is always delighted to deliver keynote presentations at high profile conferences about the work that she carries out alongside the Dreamcatcher Foundation of South Africa.

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Heartfelt stories of commitment and dedication from the Townships of South Africa.

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