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Executive Coaching

If you are looking for an Executive Coach for yourself or one of your team members, then look no further.  All Carole's programmes are bespoke and designed specifically to help you achieve your goals and organisational objectives, whatever they may be.  
Carole's executive and leadership coaching service helps you to get improvements in many aspects of your performance and health and wellbeing.

Valuable one-to-one sessions that focus attention exclusively on your own individual needs can help you exploit your hidden strengths 
and transform your performance.  Coaching is about the future, discover your potential and achieve it - faster!

These coaching services have won praise from leading corporate groups all over the world.  
So contact Carole for more details of her popular executive coaching programme.  

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Executive Coaching

Responsibility means pressure. And if pressure is badly handled, it can turn into stress. Resilience and boosting health and wellbeing is the key - having the physical and mental stamina to manage the daily challenges of the ever-changing corporate landscape. It is crucial to pressure-proof yourself and your team and enable optimum performance. It’s tough and often lonely at the top. But you’ll be in good hands with Carole, both as a coach and as a trusted advisor to corporate business.

Coaching For Female Executives

Career planning for the female executive needs a special insight all of its own, best developed through formal coaching. Juggling a career and a family. Maintaining resilience under pressure, boosting health and wellbeing can be tough as is identifying obstacles to your promotion whilst convincing and motivating key individuals in your team. Let Carole show you how to exploit the advantages, negotiate the pitfalls and make sure that your talent, effort and leadership are acknowledged and appreciated.

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Public Speaker Coach

Public speaking is a valuable business tool that can influence important decisions and close deals. So, your status within a company is often judged according to your success at presentations. To become a convincing presenter you need to master the key speaking skills under the eye of a public speaker who will fine-tune your own platform performance. You’ll learn how to change attitudes and mindsets and win people over and even learn how to overcome anxiety and stage-fright.


Personal Pricing Structure

The coaching packages are designed to suit individual requirements.

Why not contact Carole today to discuss the best package for you.

It doesn't have to be lonely at the top.  Let's talk, in confidence

Apply for a free confidential Discovery Session with Carole who will be pleased to talk to you.

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