Show Stress Who's Boss

Show Stress Who's Boss


‘Show Stress Who’s Boss!’ Discover 4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Stress Today!

Straightforward information that is simple to use and can be implemented immediately.

This book is for everyone – from an individual who needs to effectively manage their own stress, to a manager, supervisor or team leader who has to deal quickly with any stress-related problems in the workplace.  This is your easy-to-follow, insider’s guide to equip you with all the tools, skills and techniques to help reduce your stress. 

Stress at work costs industry and commerce millions of dollars in terms of absenteeism and lost productivity. It can also damage company image and employee morale. 

With businesses facing so many challenges, today more than ever before, you need proven strategies to deal with your challenges with efficient stress management. 

This book, with its innovative “How to deal with stress” toolkits, is written for everyone in the workplace. 

Show Stress Who’s Boss! is the essential guide that managers need for quick answers to deal with stress, when training budgets are under pressure.

Why You Should Buy this Stress Management Book!

With so many pages written about stress management, you may wonder why this one is different.   The simple answer is that this book provides positive solutions to manage stress, both in and out of the office, by proven and effective stress management techniques in a user-friendly format.

Thoughtfully illustrated and easy to read, this book takes the management of stress to a new level, leaving the reader reassured that they can deal with stress-related problems in a simple, practical way by employing proven techniques.

‘This book will certainly be required reading for senior teams as the tools and strategies Carole describes are vital for effective team management and the building of a sustainable business’ Andrew Shaw, Dubai Cables

'Carole Spiers 1, Stress 0.' – Jeremy Nicholas, BBC sports reporter

'Everyone who endures the cruel effects of stress at work or at home has been crying out for an inspirational book that sets out clearly how banish the curse of modern living. Thank goodness Carole Spiers has written it!' Chris Roycroft-Davis, Former Executive Editor of The Sun

4 Easy Steps to Deal with Stress Now!

Within ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss’, you will discover tools and skills on how to deal with stress that are based on Carole Spiers’ twenty five years of experience of managing workplace stress.

In order to reduce stress, you can either read this book from cover to cover or just dip into it when you have a stress management problem that needs solving quickly – either way it will deliver instant answers to your questions.

You will learn how to increase your resilience to the damaging effects of stress, so keep the book close to hand so that you can show stress who’s boss!

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